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Featured Articles

Featured Articles

At Cohen Law, A PLC, we are active members of the legal community in Santa Clarita and throughout Los Angeles County. In addition to counseling clients and representing cases in court, we also take the time to share our insight by writing articles on various topics that we believe may be of interest to people in the community. Follow the links below to read articles from our Valencia attorneys, and do not hesitate to contact our office to learn more:

"Hello Summer!"
Amy Cohen, July 2015, Valley Lawyer

"Tried in the Court of Public Opinion"
Amy Cohen, October 2014,Valley Lawyer

"Fall Is in the Air"
Amy Cohen, September 2014, Valley Lawyer

"Is Professional Courtesy Dead?"
Amy Cohen, August 2014,Valley Lawyer

"The Art of Conversation"
Amy Cohen, July 2014,Valley Lawyer

"Don't Blink or You'll Miss It"
Amy Cohen, June 2014,Valley Lawyer

"Can Good Customer Service Ever Be Bad?"
Amy Cohen, May 2014, Valley Lawyer

"Keeping Them Separated"
Amy Cohen, April 2014, Valley Lawyer

"But You Owe Me!"
Amy Cohen, March 2014, Valley Lawyer

"The Case That Should Have Settled"
Amy Cohen, February 2014, Valley Lawyer

"The Art of Working the Room"
Amy Cohen, January 2014, Valley Lawyer

"Did You Know..."
Amy Cohen, December 2013, Valley Lawyer

"Tips for Trustees"
Rob Cohen, January 2012, California Lawyer

"The Costs of Ignoring a Complaint Can Be Extreme"
Amy Cohen, January 7, 2010, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

"Why Doing It Yourself Could Cost You More"
Amy Cohen, October 1, 2009, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

"Six Tips on How to Handle the Responsibility and Potential Liability of Being a Trustee"
Rob Cohen, Avvo Legal Guide

"Alternative Minimum Tax: The Effect on Itemized Deductions"
Rob Cohen, Avvo Legal Guide

"What's Your Name?"
Amy Cohen, Valley Lawyer Santa Clarita Bar Association

"Is There Such a Thing as a Victimless Crime?"
Amy Cohen, Valley Lawyer Santa Clarita Bar Association

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