Copyright Registration

Santa Clarita Copyright Registration Attorneys

Protect Your Ideas & Inventions by Copyrighting Them

Registering your copyright to a creative work can help you protect your intellectual property (IP) rights. This applies to various types of creative works such as songs, novels, screenplays, sculpture, designs, choreography, and more.

We at Cohen Law, A PLC offer professional copyright registration services to our clients locally in Valencia and the surrounding areas, and all over Southern California and the United States so that they have complete control over how their ideas are used. Our copyright registration attorneys don't just assist you with copyright registration, They can advise you about what further steps to take to safeguard your intellectual property rights. In extreme situations, they can even represent you in court should copyright litigation be necessary.

IP and copyright law can be very complicated. We use our wide-ranging experience and knowledge to help you register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office.

The Advantage of Working With Cohen Law, A PLC

If you are looking for copyright protection for your work, our team of IP attorneys can help. Here's what you stand to gain by engaging our copy registration services:

  • No-Hassles and Swift Registration- We advise and guide clients throughout the registration process so that they can steer clear of common mistakes that applicants often run into. This can be complicated endeavor, but our copyright registration attorneys can walk you through each step along the way to simplify the process. Registering your work at the earliest time possible can help you recover monetary damages, attorney's fees and other damages if legal action is ever required. Our attorneys counsel you about the benefits of an early registration for protecting your interests.
  • Enforcement of Copyright- Once you have obtained the copyright for your work, you become entitled to various legal protections against people who may use your creative works improperly or without permission. In case of a violation, you can file a lawsuit in court to protect your rights. We offer legal counsel and representation in copyright litigation to help our clients enforce their copyright privileges.

Our qualified copyright registration attorneys in Santa Clarita can clarify any doubts that you may have.

If you need more information about intellectual property laws and copyright registration, contact us online or call (661) 418-2793.