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Forming a trust avoids probate in most cases, which means it can cost less to administer an estate and take less time for beneficiaries to receive their distributions. This works by funding one’s estate into a trust, which is placed into the control of a trustee who will be tasked with the trust’s administration upon the trustmaker’s death.

Steering clear of probate court is the main appeal of creating a trust, but it’s no guarantee that an estate can totally avoid the courtroom – especially if a legal dispute arises during the trust administration process.

If you are tasked with administering a trust or need legal representation for a dispute involving one, Cohen Law, APC can help. We are dedicated legal advocates for our clients when they need assistance with affairs regarding a loved one’s estate.

Whether you need assistance as a trustee to protect your liability or as a beneficiary with a valid claim, we’re here for you. Our trust administration and litigation attorneys in Santa Clarita are prepared to provide the personalized legal service you need to accomplish your goals.

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What It Takes to Administer a Trust

If you are a trustee, the following are just a few of the important tasks you have when it comes to administering the trust:

  • Identifying and collecting all property belonging to the trust
  • Appraising properties like real estate and vehicles
  • Notify creditors of the estate
  • Paying valid debts of the deceased claimed by creditors
  • Preparing a final tax return and paying the estate’s tax liability with available assets
  • Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries according to trustmaker’s instructions

Even if you are familiar with what needs to be done, you need to consider experienced and competent legal support during this time. Because you are accountable to the beneficiaries of the trust, any misstep or mistake you make during this process can lead to litigation and serious legal consequences.

Don’t take any chances. Instead, take advantage of our attorneys’ 35+ years of combined experience to guide you through the trust administration process. We can help you through this complicated legal process by providing legal guidance and services to minimize risks to your personal liability and ensure a proper administration of the trust.

Is a Legal Dispute on the Horizon?

During his or her lifetime, the deceased most likely created a trust to spare their loved ones from having to enter a courtroom over matters related to their estate. Despite the trustmaker’s intentions, legal disputes can arise during the trust administration process that must be settled through litigation.

Trust litigation can be caused by many of the same things that spur litigation during probate. Concerns over the legality of the trust and actions of its trustees commonly result in lawsuits, but disputes over unintentional disinheritance, guardianship, and creditors’ claims are also reasons why trust litigation may become necessary.

Rest assured that if you require legal representation to assert your interests or defend them in a claim, the trust administration and litigation attorneys in Santa Clarita from Cohen Law, A PLC will leverage our skill and experience for you.

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