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At Cohen Law, A PLC, our attorneys have a strong grasp of understanding of the legal needs our clients in the entertainment industry have. All industries are competitive, but those who work in film, television, music, and more can lose their competitive edge in an instant if a gap in their liability or security over their intellectual property is exploited by another party.

When you need a lawyer who can assist you with what you need to protect your business at all times or on any given project, turn to our lawyers at Cohen Law, A PLC for help. Attorneys Amy and Rob Cohen share more than 40 years of combined experience when it comes to handling complicated business and entertainment law matters for their clients. They have the unique knowledge and experience it takes to help production companies, producers, and other industry clients secure their intellectual property, negotiate and finalize deals for projects, and protect their interests by carefully preparing, reviewing, and finalizing appropriate contracts and agreements..

If you need to secure a trademark, copyrighted work, or make sure your legal agreements are water-tight, reach out to Cohen Law, A PLC’s entertainment lawyers in Santa Clarita for help.

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Your company’s intellectual property (IP) is its bread and butter in the entertainment industry. Everything from your company’s name to its creative work products and more can all be trademarked or copyrighted to ensure your ownership is secure and clear.

Our attorneys can provide the support and guidance you need when you want to register your trademarks with the federal government. Doing so can affirm your ownership over the IP in question should another company attempt to benefit from your visibility and reputation by infringing upon your rights.

Commonly trademarked properties include the following:

  • Company name
  • Tag Lines
  • Logo
  • Wordmarks
  • Colors

As an entertainment professional or company, you are also likely to be creating work that should be formally copyrighted to protect your ownership and usage rights. While copyrights are vested upon creation, formal registration can assist in proving ownership, and increase collectable damages in a lawsuit from those who infringe upon your work – especially if the infringement was willful and repeated. As such, formal registration can function as a formal deterrent against infringement.

Commonly copyrighted works you may be creating include:

  • Music scores
  • Song Lyrics
  • Movie and television scripts
  • Novels, books, manuscripts
  • Finished films and television shows
  • Drawings and artwork

Assisting Clients with Contract Matters

Contracts make up the cornerstone of any business, and those in the entertainment world are far from the exception. In fact, your contracts are especially important because your company may interface with many different business entities and individuals throughout the duration of a project.

Ensuring your company’s interests are secure with each contract is crucial, and Cohen Law, A PLC is ready to help. Our attorneys share more than 40 years of combined experience when it comes to helping clients protect against liabilities and get the most out of their contracts. Should you be the party initiating an agreement, we can help you draft a contract from scratch to include carefully written provisions that accurately convey what you intend. If a contract comes to you, have our attorneys take a look at it for language that may place your company at an unfair disadvantage.

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