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If a loved one has passed away with only a will in place, probate is the necessary legal process for validating their will and administering their estate. After a will is filed in probate court, a series of proceedings will take place to oversee the administration of the estate.

At Cohen Law, A PLC, we can be the legal advocates you need during probate proceedings. Interfacing with the court can be complicated and confusing, but we can help you understand what you need to know about the probate process to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

Whether you are a named executor in a will, a court-appointed representative of the estate, a beneficiary, or another interested party, our probate administration and litigation attorneys can provide the services you need to feel more confident about meeting your goals.

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How Does Probate Administration Work?

Probate administration begins with filing a will in court. If no one objects to the validity of the will, the person named as its executor will proceed with paying off the estate’s debts and distributing any remaining assets to beneficiaries named in the will and according to the testator’s wishes.

If this sounds like a simple and straightforward process, that’s because it can be – but rarely ever is. This is because there is a lot of work that an executor must do to identify and notify beneficiaries, heirs, creditors, and even the public about the deceased’s passing and opening of their estate.

An executor is also tasked with collecting and appraising property belonging to the estate to determine its total value. Liquid assets will be used to pay off any remaining debts and the estate’s tax liability. If there isn’t enough cash to make these payments, the executor may be required to sell property such as real estate or vehicles to generate enough liquidity.

After paying creditors and the IRS, the executor distributes any remaining property among beneficiaries named in a will according to the testator’s wishes, or legal heirs according to the state’s intestacy laws if the deceased died without a will.

Are You Involved in a Probate Dispute?

Whether you need to assert your rights or defend your interests, we can provide a personalized litigation strategy that can help you achieve the best possible outcome in a dispute. We will never guarantee results, but an individualized approach that takes into account your goals and the unique qualities of your dispute can put you one step closure to successfully arguing for your interests.

Common reasons for probate disputes to arise include the following:

  • Doubts about the validity of a will
  • Concerns about the testator’s testamentary capacity while preparing the will
  • Suspicion that the will is fraudulent
  • A legal heir believes they were mistakenly disinherited
  • Inappropriate selection of an executor
  • An executor breaches their fiduciary duty
  • Multiple marriages and existence of any prenuptial agreements with the deceased
  • Unclear or nonexistent succession plan for the deceased’s business

If you can imagine a scenario where a disagreement about someone’s estate can spark a lawsuit, chances are likely that it’s possible. At Cohen Law, A PLC, our probate administration and litigation attorneys are prepared to meet any challenges you have with more than 35+ years of combined experience behind us.

We are confident that we can provide the effective legal advocacy and services you need to fight for what matters to you if you’re involved in a probate dispute. Whether you’re an executor, beneficiary, legal heir, or another interested party – if you’ve been challenged by legal action or need to take action of your own, reach out to Cohen Law, A PLC for help.

Offering the Legal Support You Need

Probate can be very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be when you have representation from our firm. At Cohen Law, A PLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients feel more confident that the best possible outcomes are still possible by delivering personalized and effective legal assistance. We’ll handle your case on an individual level, taking your goals to heart with proactive service and advice when you need it most.

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